4The people who fall sick due to cough and cold often and cannot withstand a cool atmosphere which freezes their nasal passage, makes it impossible to work efficiently. Many times, the people even fall victims to fever in case adequate care is not taken. Hence, they get irritated and also do not feel like eating due to throat aches and uneasiness. However, skipping meals and starving does not answer any of their problems of flu, instead aggravates the problem, as the body gets deprived of the essential nutrients and to topple that the antibiotic pills also ruins the immune system which is strengthened by the intake of healthy and nutritious food.

Antioxidants- a perfect natural medicine

The antioxidants are present in a number of food products which are high in vitamins C, E and have excessive amount of beta carotene in it. Hence, people who are under false assumption that eating fruits like orange can increase the cold in the body definitely need to update their general knowledge. The fighting spirit of the immune system is bolstered and activated to fight the free radicals away and protect cells and body from deteriorating health and fever.

Remain away from cooked food

The essential nutrients from the food evaporate when exposed to heat; hence it is better to catch with raw fruits and vegetables when the body is in a dilapidated state. Fruit juices, raw spinach are majorly recommended. Before you knock the doors of the doctors, such home remedies can make you feel better and recuperate you sooner without side effects. Following this appetite when you are healthy will give less chances of giving excuses for not attending the office and will also save you from the doctor visit expenses.

The warmth imparted by food

The body tissues and the passages of air are choked and freeze especially during winters. Hence, the doctors recommend all warmer therapies like steam, having peppermint; applying eucalyptus and so on. Eating food not only nourishes the body, but also imparts sufficient warmth to the body and reduces the chances of the problem aggravation. When there is no food, the body temperature will still be low and free radicals get an open chance to enjoy and make you feverish and much more irritated. Also, drinking sufficient water is necessary to keep the nasal passages from drying. The running noses are a self defense activity to fight the disorder which becomes rapid with more water in the body. Keep away from tea, coffee as these contain caffeine which can act like dehydrate.

The consequences of starving for employees and students

Simple coughing can lead to fever which can make a person bed ridden and this chain of reactions are possible with starving. This can be dangerous for an employed person who will need to take excessive and repeated leaves. Also, the students will have to resort to doctor notes often. The best medicine is keeping your body full but you do not need to overeat too.



1The doctors are known to serve the patients with a good health. They diagnose the ill patients and treat them with proper medications according to the disease. Sometimes, these diseases are not recovered faster as the job or the school colleges come in the path of recovery. In case the person attends the school or college, the chances of further deterioration in health can be encountered. Hence, for the public interest there are legal doctors notes which contain the doctor’s advice of not allowing the patient join the office or college back till the time some amount of recovery is achieved.

The contents of a genuine doctor note

The doctor note specifically is on an official letterhead of the doctor clinic and contains the doctors name, clinic logo, the name of the patient for whom the excuse letter is being written. It also contains the sign of the doctor in most cases to avoid any kind of fraud from the employee side.

The doctor note majorly contains medical transcripts and simple colloquial language is not used normally by the doctors. For example, a simple heart attack in scientific or doctors’ vocabulary would mean myocardial infarction.

The doctor will majorly point out the limitations which will lead to the disability of the person from joining the office for the decided number of days. The rest period is also specified for the clarity of employer or school teacher depending on the case.

The doctors in many cases also specify some of the things which require attention on resuming work or college.

These are normally issued by general practitioners and in many cases by hospital doctors in case of undergoing any kind of surgery. There is normally no fee charged, but these are issued to patients at the prerogative of doctors when they feel it is appropriate.

Absentism is the result of doctor's notes utilization

the best way to leave is by using a physician form template

Irony associated with doctor notes

Self certification of the illness and abrupt holidays are a common feature in many organizations. This leads to an increase in the cost of sick leaves to an organization. Also many time the employee’s fake reasons just to have a day of rest or fulfill certain personal commitments. The person may not be sick but claim to have diarrhea, fever, etc. and take a day or two off when he/she is needed the most for important projects. Hence, nowadays there is a need for the doctor’s certification to prove their claims with evidence.

However, the irony is that the employees tend to outsmart the employers by using phony or fake notes either to prove their false excuse of sickness for a holiday. These fake notes are also used when a sickness is not treated from a doctor due to milder symptoms or due to high cost of doctor visits to the employee. It is difficult many times to distinguish between forged and real doctor notes, however, the true test lies in showcasing the fake notes in front of highly experienced seniors and HR in the organization who cannot be easily duped.



2We need to learn notorious acts at times when nothing else works. Our bosses or superiors are not always going to be understanding and caring and grant a number of much sought after holidays except if one is a charming candidate having an impeccable quality of giving them a slip and an excuse without any reprimand or harsh repercussions. Most of us are not the persuasive and the convincing types and also cannot ask for a doctor to give leave notes every time you need a holiday. Hence, either one should learn the art of writing fake notes or secure the help of special sites which provide this service of giving real looking fake notes to serve public interest.

The disastrous fake notes

There is always a threat of getting caught revolving around the mind. The question is how to make a fake doctor’s note look realistic. There are many templates available over the net which have been tried and tested by a number of students in schools and also by many employees. Hence, using the same trick is like an axe on own feet. The smart employers and experienced human resource management are very cautious and are always on the lookout of fraudsters. They handpick them easily and do not wait another minute to throw them out of the organization. Some fake notes are well crafted but might miss out on few crucial points.

Designing a fake note

It is essential to use smartness and achieve a knack over writing fake notes by using a scanner which takes the essential portions from a real doctor note, or using different essential software that prints a lookalike of a real note. This can be learnt from various resources like the internet, however there are chances of quality problems in case of the notes created by own and also possibility of missing out on the intricate details. Hence, there are special sites which free you from the tension of how to make a fake doctor’s note without silly mistakes and save from losing the job with their experienced, good and effective fake notes making skills which resemble the real notes which are good enough to dupe the employers. These are not only cost effective, but also safeguard from legal cases.

The doctor’s letter head is essential as a first step. This can be received over the net as many templates are available. Do not use any paper of any size.

The letterhead must contain the doctor’s name, logo, address, and your name to make it look real. Also, paper quality must be excellent.

It is necessary to portray a reasonable reason like a fully sound patient cannot give the reason as fracture only to be trapped very soon. The medical dialect and scripting is not like a layman’s language. Hence, the right usage of words when noting the limitations will just get the job done.

Hence, a fake note can act like a magical wand when you need a reasonable excuse for the holiday you had taken.


The back pain, fever and diarrhea are very common reasons which often are given by the employees and the students to get a holiday. However, getting a permanent real back ache problem is definitely going to mar the attendance performance of the employees in the long run. Hence, what doctors to see for back pain depends on the intensity of the pain and the penetration of the problem. It can be an ordinary physician or even a specialist’s doctor, hence be ready to face the huge costs of the health restoration too. Also, get a real doctor note for the much needed sick leaves whenever possible.

Heights of severity in back pain

With aging, problems like back pain can impact your professional life. The old people lead a sedentary lifestyle; same is the case with office goers as they need to sit for hours in front of computer to do their office work. Many times, improper sitting postures can ruin the spine erection as the pressure increases on certain nerves leading to pain; sometimes there is even disturbance of some nerves. These nerves in the back have a clear connection with the nervous system and also the lower part of the body and hence the degenerative problems spread across the body over time with minimum care. Also, people who do not exercise are more prone to these back aches. The patients of spondylitis also suffer from back pain. Sometimes, sudden back pains can be atrocious and unbearable and require people to stay back home leaving urgent loads of work in office for days together.

Sometimes, this back pain can become chronic problem and a repeated, lame excuse generates suspicion among the employers who will ask for a proof like a doctor’s note. Chronic problems will definitely demand treatments and in case none of them work, the doctors can be called in for a surgery. However, if you have used back pain as an excuse without any genuine problem, it surely can impact your job existence in case the employer comes in terms with the truth sooner or later. The doctor’s note will be enough to judge the truth behind the excuse. Hence, a fake doctor note can look genuine and legal only when research is accompanied with lot of attention like choosing the right doctor note. The fake doctor notes are available; however the students who use these notes as an excuse letter must not be afraid.


Which doctor to call for?

The normal practitioners are good enough to facilitate the measures for the recent and the first stage problems, however what doctor to see for back pain in latter stages where the symptoms are much advanced? Specialist doctors for spine and also orthopedic doctors can be contacted. Also, there are physiotherapists which aid in various types of exercises for back pain. The back pain which has proliferated across the legs need to be treated with surgeries. For acupuncture treatments too, there are special doctors. Each of the doctors will charge a higher fees with more severity in the problems as the health treatments nowadays are very expensive.


5Sick leaves are an integral part of any job. The company incurs a cost as these are paid leaves and hence, the company has every right to question the sudden leaves or repeated leaves taken by the employees. In most cases, this need doesn’t arise often, but depending on the work pressures and the need of the employee, the rules of the boss can change. Hence, the employees need to be very much alert if they want to prove their leisure leaves and claim it falsely as the sick leaves. With the help of fake doctor note, many employees are able to escape and bring to an end the long excuse making story every time the employee goes for a sick leave without the bosses wish and increase the cost of sick leave for the company to a great extent.

Paid sick leaves- a boon in disguise

The employees normally are dedicated to their work all day long and sometimes the work tensions lead to stress and anxiety. Thus, the system of giving some designated number of sick leaves paid by the employer is actually beneficial as the employees will be much more active and productive on getting some rest. They will also have a work life balance needed to become a good parent and be able to fulfill the responsibilities of different roles in life to have complete identity and a satisfied working experience. Hence, this paid leaves are definitely not going to cost the company a great deal in the long run, as the employee productivity will increase the profits and lower the costs too.

The undue advantage taken for getting more leaves

The lazy employees of the company however try to take all the more advantage by taking sudden holidays over and above the paid holidays covering it for some false sick claims. With increase in this type of situations, the companies are definitely facing a growing cost of the sick leaves and hence it is time for them to be stricter by demanding the doctor notes as proofs of the reason portrayed to them. If with real notes and real reasons, the employees can be left unhurt, then there is no scope of suspicion of false claims from any of the employers.

The doctor employee partnership for fake doctor notes

For earning that extra free money, some doctors definitely partake the employees with a fake note on their legal papers and help the employees take the required number of leaves without any diagnosing or treatment of disease. However, there are many means by which the alert employers nowadays can dig out the facts and figures and catch the employee doctor partnership red handed and also penalize them heavily and take them to the court too. Sites facilitating fake doctor notes craft it with lot of panache; and make it readily acceptable for the employers who get little suspicion. Hence, these kinds of crimes definitely signal the need for stronger alertness and measures in this area to save the company cost of sick leave.